You're my everthing

You're the blood in my heart
You're the diamonds in my fantasy
You're the butterflies in my head
You're the only one in my mind

You're my happy dreams
You're my beautiful thoughts
You're my everything
Everything that I need survive anything

You're all the words that declare my love
You're my angel from above
You're everything that goes in my ear, and stays there
You're my strawberries, chocolate and whipcream.

I want to hear your voice, I want to feel your touch
I feel love & happiness when you're near.

You saved me from all the misery, you're my life.
You helpt me to keep on fighting, you're my light.

oooooch DÄR tog det slut på inspiration.
Skrev det där precis XD

Postat av: bergeehammaar

fint :)<3

2009-08-07 @ 17:54:37

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