We Were Meant To Be Togheter

We were meant to be together & I think you know it too
but still I've tried to deny this & I'm not sure why I do.
When you came into my life you melted into my every pore
& this has scared me very much but I won't be afraid anymore.
We were meant to be together & I know you still love me too.
I don't want to face a future now if there's no me & you.
I've put us through so much since the time when we first met.
I hope you can forgive me for I haven't begun to yet.
If you can forgive me & give it one more try
I swear I'll make it up to you & love you until I die.
We were meant to be together & I'm not the same without you.
Please come back to me & love me like you used to.

Postat av: bergeehammaar

fin text, skrivit den själv?

2009-08-05 @ 21:18:15
Postat av: Kew Alex

Texten är till en viss person vid namn: Matilda <3

2009-08-09 @ 20:56:13
URL: http://mringenting.blogg.se/

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